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Even though AC ducts are designed to last for years until they need repairs or replacement by an HVAC repair service, sooner or later they will develop problems such as leaking. Plus, leaking AC ducts if ignored can lead to serious damage in the long run. Therefore, we are going to discuss the drawbacks of leaking AC ducts along with possible fixes. Let’s begin!

How Are Leaking AC Ducts Harmful?

Leaking AC ducts mostly referred to as condensation in air ducts or ductwork sweating is a common problem amongst households. In most cases, the problem is neither expensive to fix nor time-consuming if caught beforehand. However, if you observe that condensation is forming around the AC ducts, you need to immediately get down to fixing it.

On the other hand, ductwork sweating or leaking AC ducts will eventually drip down into the home’s insulation. As a result, the insulation is compressed, the R-value is affected and the efficiency is reduced. Without proper insulation, you will be looking at higher energy costs than normal. In addition to that, as the insulation gets heavy due to constant water dripping, you will be at a higher risk of collapse or ceiling leaks.

Furthermore, leaking AC ducts can result in high humidity inside your house, which can be harmful. Ductwork sweating adds excessive moisture to the air, which makes the interior of the house far more uncomfortable. At the same time, high humidity is also known to damage wallpapers, wood floors, and paint and even cause bad odors.

And, perhaps the biggest drawback of leaking AC ducts is mildew and mold growth. Since mold and mildew thrive in moist and warm conditions, the excessive humidity inside your house will promote mold growth. Additionally, mold growth can result in structural damage to your home including furniture and the wood existing in your home’s structure.

What Causes Air Ducts Leakage?

There could be several reasons contributing to the air ducts leakage. For instance, there could be mechanical issues with your HVAC system. If you observe that Air ducts have started to leak all of a sudden, you should run a thorough inspection or consult an expert to ensure everything is working normally.

Another important reason for AC leakage is the temperature difference between the warmer air outside and the cooler air inside the ducts. This is where insulation comes into play as it forms a barrier around the ductwork, keeping the warmer air away.

Therefore, if you have insulation around your ductwork, it will wear out sooner or later. With that said, worn-out insulation can make the condensation issue much worse. So, if you are trying to determine the main cause behind your leaking AC vents, you might want to consider inspecting the insulation as well.

Furthermore, leaking AC ducts might also be indicative of the fact that the air circulation inside the ducts isn’t normal. For instance, something might be blocking your ductwork such as a dirty AC filter. To ensure proper airflow, make sure to replace the air filters every three months.

Moving on, leaky ducts are also sometimes the culprit behind condensation on AC ducts. AC ductwork contains a network of pipes that are connected and sealed together. As time goes by, these seals wear out. Even though the pipes may be covered with insulation, the cold air leaking into the insulation affects its performance.

And finally, improper AC installation is amongst the most popular reasons for leaking AC ducts. If the ducts happen to be touching each other, they will develop cold spots that will give birth to condensation. This is why proper ductwork installation is important, especially if it is installed in the attic as it directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the insulation.

How Can I Stop Ac Ducts From Leaking?

To stop your AC ducts from leaking, you need to make sure that they are properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Replace the air filters every three months and ensure the insulation is in perfect working condition.

At the same time, hire an expert to run a thorough inspection of your HVAC unit. Any unusual noises or strange activity such as reduced airflow should be fixed rather than ignored.

Final Word

Trying to determine and fix leaking AC ducts can seem complicated at first. However, considering the tips highlighted above, the task becomes a lot simpler. And, if the situation turns out to be a lot trickier, you will need to consult air conditioner repair services Plainview.


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