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Divorce is a tough decision of your life and the one in which there is no going back. However dirty the process of divorce is with the involvement of divorce attorneys, in the end, you are better off rather than putting up with emotional and mental abuse or just not feeling happy and content.

You may have tried your level best in making things work out or may have given an extra effort but when things still got out of control, you and your spouse have no option than to file for a divorce. The divorce is a lengthy process and once it’s over you take a long sigh of breath. PHEW!!! Finally it’s over, but that’s when the real problem starts, as there are many hard and bitter truths or you could say side effects of a divorce that were completely unknown to you.

You Will Feel Alone

After the divorce you will feel as if you are free that you got out of an abusive marriage but when the truth starts to hit you after some time, you realize you actually feel very alone. Especially when you see your happily married friends whom you and your spouse hung out with. The house, the dinner ware, your bedroom and all the stuff will remind you about your spouse and you will even get second thoughts about your divorce. You will be contemplating and reminiscing the good memories and will be saddened over the ugly ones.

Divorce Will Drain You Out Financially

Divorce is an expensive process. If the trial proceeds towards court it can completely make you bankrupt. So choose your demons wisely and only point out the things which will get you a divorce soon and not create bad scenes. As the process will elongate, the fees and the charges will tend to increase for both the parties, so make sure you have extra to spend if you are considering to get a divorce.

Your Kids Will Still Be Your Kids

You have hired an experienced lawyer for divorcing your spouse and not your kids. In the heat of the moment or when the arguments get ugly, do not say anything extremely bad about your partner around kids as they will be taking in each and every word you say and they could probably hate you afterward. It is observed that kids are most emotionally unstable after their parents get a divorce and some might even need therapies. You will be spending time with your kids afterwards so make sure you are sober.

You Will Be Alone

Believe it or not but you will be considered the black sheep of the family. Even if you were the one who was abused emotionally or you tried hard to make your marriage, still you will be given comments after divorce from your family members regarding the breakage. This all might make you feel lonely and even the culprit. In some cases even the kids might blame you for the breakage. Apart from the family members you will be deserted by childhood friends as well probably because they think that your divorce might be contagious and cause problems in their happily married life.

Being Emotional Will Not Give You Benefits

You might think that you will have the upper hand just because you were abused badly or because you had suffered more in the marriage, then you are wrong. The court will divide all the assets and accounts equally even if you had been badly treated or you were the bread earner or you contributed more than your spouse.

Moving On Will Not Be Easy

You will not be able to move in just one week or one fortnight. Moving on will be a gradual process. Take your time even if it takes months. Give yourself time because you have been through an emotional phase.

There Is Always Sunlight After The Storm

You will forget the past gradually and you will move on. The path surely will be difficult but you will get over with it. You will be happy again and find someone of your compatibility.

Remember if you are seeking advice and need happiness then you should look for people of your same tenure, such as you should take advice only from people who have been through a divorce and make friends with single parents. And most importantly, if you want a divorce, hire the best divorce lawyer Fairfax VA you can find.


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