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Balayage is such an enthralling hair color that people don’t seem to get enough of it. If you are one of those balayage enthusiasts, and you’ve started worrying about your fading balayage, here’s all you need to do in order to get it going. The best way, however, is to visit a balayage salon.

Take Tiny Portions Out Of Your Hair Stemming From Both The Sides

You must remember one important thing while refreshing your balayage, you need to first focus on the hair stemming from the two sides of your head. Also, you are not obliged to section out large piles of hair for recoloring. It is incumbent on you to take teeny tiny portions of hair from the surface right above your ears; the part that is in the midst of your forehead and ears is what you need to focus on. These are the hair that need to be chosen for recoloring.

Take Tiny Portions Out Of Your Hair From The Front

The second thing you need to do is, section out the hair right above your forehead. You will be considering peripheral locks only and you are forbidden to go beyond it. You are going to make three different threads of hair present on the front of your head. Be very careful because the quantity of your hair should not be abundant, it should be minimal.

Use Microfoil Lights To Get Them Recolored

Once you section out your hair carefully and thoroughly, you need to bring the masterpiece in – the object that is absolutely inevitable for this process of recoloring – without which you can’t get going with the balayage update. Note to yourself, you got to have microfoil lights to cover your hair up.

Once you are done with sectioning out specific portions, put a piece of microfoil beneath your hair and color them up with a brush. Do not go too brash with the brush, just use it gently and sophisticatedly. After applying the color, fold the foil and wait for it to process.

One After The Other, Get All Sections Of Hair Colored And Covered In A Few Pieces Of Microfoil

PS: You should have two threads of hair covered in micro foils on each of the two sides, and you should have three consecutive threads of hair covered in a bunch of micro foils on the front.

Leave Your Foil-Covered Hair For A While And Allow Them To Process

Once you have applied the hair color and the foil is wrapped around your hair, you need to give it some time. People often make a hurry and don’t let the color sit well, and that, later on, turns out to be their biggest mistake. For the love of God, please lend it some time to process.

Once Processed, Shampoo It Out

Once you’ve waited enough to get it processed, you need to shampoo your hair for an even better result. It’s a tried and tested tip, so make sure to comply with it without giving it much thought.

Rely On Root Shadow Technique To Get Rid Of Demarcation (If There’s Any)

There’s a chance for slight demarcation right after recoloring or refreshing. To eliminate all such possibilities, you have to have root shadow technique applied on your already hair. Now this one is a very important part of this entire process therefore you better be executing it with finesse.

Once Root Shadow Technique Is Over And Done With, Rinse Your Hair Off

Once you’re done with everything – from coloring to covering to shampooing to root-shadowing – you can feel free to rinse your hair off with lukewarm water once and for all. Now here’s where your process gets completed and you can take a deep breath.

Keep On Conditioning And Toning Your Hair As Frequently As You Can

Although you’ve been done updating your balayage, do not assume that things end at this point. Struggle continues, however. You gotta do a bunch of things on a regular basis to make sure your balayage doesn’t fade quickly; those things include using a toner and conditioner. Keep using these things in a decent quantity or get balayage services every now and then and your balayage will stay refreshed and renewed for a rather long time. hypno


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