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A cooktop is easily one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. You have to use the cooktop for the heat required to prepare a variety of different dishes. Electric cooktops are more common these days as they look sleek, and are easier to use. No matter what type of cooktop you might have, they all work great. To make a wide variety of delicious dishes every day, you need to make sure that your cooktop works at the highest efficiency possible. But appliances usually break down as they age and need the skills of an appliance repair technician to work again. Here are some of the biggest challenges people face with electric cooktops.

Cooktop Not Turning On

You won’t be able to cook food at all if your cooktop doesn’t turn on. Cooktops usually don’t turn on when they’re facing a major issue.

However, before freaking out about this, see if the cooktop is even plugged in or not. The outlet should also not be defective. You can check the outlet with the help of either a millimeter, or another small appliance.

If you find out that the outlet is okay and the cooktop still won’t turn on, then there’s certainly a problem with your cooktop. The issues keeping a cooktop from starting can range from small to large problems, that’s why this situation is best handled by an expert appliance technician.

Electric Coils Not Heating Up

Usually, the electric cooktops have electric coils that are used to generate heat. Turning the cooktop should start heating up the coils in it. If the coils won’t heat even with the cooktop on, there can be a number of different issues causing this to happen.

This can happen if the connection between your cooktop and the coils gets weak, or is lost completely. Many homeowners remove the coils of their electric cooktop for deep cleaning, and sometimes, they don’t put the coils back in place in the right way. So, disassemble the cooktop and see if the coils are properly connected to the cooktop or not.

The internal ignition switch can also be the cause of this issue. This switch allows the coils to start heating. This is a complex problem, and if your cooktop is suffering from this, you should contact a certified expert for help.

Dead Indicator Lights

Most of the newer models of electric cooktops coming out these days feature modern displays and indicator lights of various kinds to display the needed information.

There is a control switch with the cooktop that controls these lights. A defective control switch can also cause these lights to stop functioning. But the good news is that these problems aren’t major, and can be fixed easily if you carefully follow the instructions. However, if you have no idea of how to proceed, you better hire an expert to do the job perfectly.

Can’t Adjust The Temperature

One of the main reasons why many people buy electric cooktops in the first place is that they allow you to set precise temperature settings to make delicious meals. However, some issues can keep the temperature adjustment on your cooktop from functioning normally. If this is the problem, then you won’t be able to get the most functionality out of your cooktop.

This might be due to a malfunctioning infinite switch in your cooktop. The infinite switch is connected to the power regulation system in your cooktop, and if this breaks down, your cooktop will only heat to a certain temperature no matter what the settings on your cooktop are. A fault in the internal ignition switch can also cause this issue to happen. If you’re facing this issue, you should immediately get in contact with an expert appliance repairer and get the thing repaired as soon as possible.

Damaged Coils

If you use your cooktop too often, the coils are bound to wear out over time. Blisters, cracks and bubbles developing on the coils is a telltale sign of wearing coils. If the coils wear out, there is no way to fix them. Instead, you’ll need to buy new coils for your cooktop which properly fit it. Never use loose coils with your cooktop, as they can give rise to cooking related issues.

We advise that you shouldn’t DIY and find a cooktop repair Northern VA service that can fix the appliance for you.


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