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There are many major differences between the Brazilian blowout and the keratin treatment. So, if you are planning to get either of these, know that they are very different. Though, typically a Brazilian blowout salon will also offer the keratin treatment in conjunction.

Now the type of treatment that you should get depends on what you are looking for entirely. While these are two different treatments, let us consider the basic differences in them both.

The difference between Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment

Simply put, the Brazilian blowout is a brand name and not a treatment name in itself. Though, this product has a specific makeup of chemicals just like other treatments such as balayage. Hence, a big number of salons recognize it as a separate treatment.

In comparison, keratin treatment is simply a range of smoothing treatments that involve the usage of keratin. And this is produced by a range of different manufacturers and brands.

Depending on the brand that you are getting, the keratin treatment quality can vary. In case you go to a high-end salon, chances are that they would use a high end product for your hair. As a result of this, you will experience better results.

Hence, we suggest you always go to a top end salon only and ditch the lower end ones.

Brazilian Blowout treatment

Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that involves a plant protein. This is the active ingredient. So, Brazilian blowout does not include keratin yet it achieves similar smoothing results.

In this treatment, a protein coating is applied to the hair that reduces the bulk and also reduces the curl of the hair. In case you want lesser hair density with a visibly reduced curl, the Brazilian blowout is perfect for you.

In case you have been relying on Japanese straighteners in the past, then the Brazilian blowout treatment will give you great results.

Downside of Brazilian blowout

However, like everything else, Brazilian blowout treatment may also have its disadvantages. One major downside of this treatment is that it does not seal and penetrate the protein in your hair like keratin treatment does.

All that Brazilian blowout does it coating the hair with a plant-based protein. This means that if you do not take care of your hair properly, it can result in some long-term issues. Furthermore, this coating on the hair is bound to wash away much faster than the keratin treatment.

As a result of this, your hair will end up getting over-proteinized. As a result of this, it can become very brittle and dry. In this regard, you must be visiting your stylist and ask them about the type of products that you should use.

Make sure that you are using sulfur free shampoos with Braziblian Blowout in order to retain its maximum effects. In the case of a damage, you may get bond rebuilding treatments that give you the original texture of the hair.

In comparison to the Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment is much different. This is because the molecules of keratin are much smaller in comparison to the plat-based amino acid proteins. Hence, they seep much better in the hair. However, generally, the Brazilian blowout is a much better smoothening treatment.


Your choice between either of these treatments depends on what you are really looking for. If you want the highest quality smoothness, then the Brazilian treatment is good for you. However, if you just want to straighten your hair, then keratin treatment is suitable for you.

Typically, both of these treatments are offered at a Brazilian Keratin Salon Potomac. So, make sure that you are only reaching out to a decent salon.


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