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So, your friend is finally getting hitched. But wait! You can’t forget about the celebration now, can you? Here’s a night dedicated to her and having a blast. For the night to be a fun one, you must plan it properly by involving the friends and party rentals. Following are the best tips for a hen party.

Make A To-Do List

Nothing beats having everything on a list. If you and a bunch of other girlfriends want to give the bride a surprise with a hen party, then you need to get to the bottom of planning it all. The first step is to have everything planned on paper.

This means pulling out the notebooks and making big to-do lists because you’ll need them a lot throughout the planning phase. You want to write down everything. From where you want the party to be held, how many people will be there, and what types of things you all will be doing. Dump it all on your to-do list.

Make It Exclusive

A hen party should be catered towards the main guest of the show, a.k.a. the bride, so you want to make it an exclusive experience for her. Try to think about what the bride likes and doesn’t like and make a hen party agenda according to that. You want everything to be centered around the bride because it’s almost her big day and it’s up to the fellow hens to ensure that the bride is feeling good about the party.

Whether it’s friends that you need to invite, plan a menu, or even decide on a venue, you need to keep the bride’s preferences in mind. So, if it’s something that you’re planning as a “surprise”, then don’t, because you want it to be something special for the main hen, so there’s no point in keeping it hush-hush.

Figure Out If You Want One Or Two Celebrations

Some brides want their mother and mother-in-law to be a part of the hen party, while others don’t and they just want to have fun with people of the same age group without feeling restricted.

If that’s the case with your hen as well, then you might want to discuss things with the bride and figure out whether she prefers one hen party with everyone invited or does she want two celebrations. One with her girlfriends and another with her mother and other guests. This is a really important detail to go over because you don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Organize Everything

Nothing beats organization and that’s a fact. If you want to ensure that a hen party goes on smoothly, without any hiccups, then you need to organize the party from the get-go. You need to have a visual reel of how the party is going to flow throughout and what events will follow after. This will ensure that you’re not blank and there’s an action plan in the back of your mind.

So, always make sure that you have everything organized and ready to go, from A to Z, because the last thing anyone needs is a disheveled hen party.

Choose A Date For The Party

The next most important thing when it comes to planning a hen party is to figure out a date. This can be tricky because wanting everyone with different work schedules and life activities to be on the same page for one event is an uphill task.

However, you still want to try your best and choose from a couple of dates for everyone’s availability. You can even ask the bride for the guest list so that you can get a better idea as to who she wants to invite and you can make arrangements accordingly. The date will also help you book the venue, food, and tent rentals Damascus MD for the party.

Have A Budget

Another crucial thing to go over with the fellow hens, is the budget. You don’t need to shy away from this topic, as money can be a sensitive thing for a lot of people, but it’s a hen party and you need to make it clear to the guests who are attending that contribution is key.

Usually, the hen party’s budget is split among the hens, minus the bride (in some cases), so it’s even important to go over the financial details with all of the girls so that everyone can understand the need to contribute to an amazing experience.

Where Do You Want To Host The Hen Party?

You can’t forget about the venue now, can you? A hen party can be low-key and chill and the venue can pretty much be your home, but if you want to take things up a notch, then you can also go for an elaborate venue.

If you’re hosting the hen party near the wedding date because of time constrictions and whatnot, then you can certainly choose a venue that’s closest to the ceremony and reception venue because commuting will be a piece of cake and everyone will appreciate this tiny gesture. Also, you need to go for a venue that fits the budget, so choose wisely.

Plan Activities Accordingly

A hen party is forgiving when it comes to entertainment and activities. You don’t need an inventory of activities. You can plan as you go or go with normal activities that include a lot of fun, winding down, and just enjoying the company of each other, before one of you steps into the next chapter of her life.

A hen party can also include things like well-wishing, speeches from the girls, and the good ole spa days because everyone needs a little pampering before the wedding, so it’s only fitting that you plan a hen party around these activities.

Make The Bride Comfortable

A lot of friends can bug the bride playfully and while there’s nothing wrong with that, you want to refrain from doing anything that will add to the stress of the bride. This is a party where drama has no room and there’s only love, peace, and relaxation, so make sure that you’re trying to channel all of these things into the event.

The last thing you need is to make the bride anxious and stressed. So, be mindful of this fact and pass the message down to everyone because the main thing is to keep the bride away from unnecessary stress.

Food And Drinks

You can’t forget about the most important detail of any party: Food and drinks! A party is lifeless without the proper food that will make everyone’s stomachs rumble in the best way.

Again, you want to ensure that everything is catered to the bride’s preferences, and if there are any dietary or allergic restrictions you need to look out for, then double-check that as well. The last thing you need is turning a hen party into a night in the emergency room and that’s not fun.


A hen party is a tamer version of a bachelorette party and if you’re feeling like you just want to unwind and spend some quality time with your girls, then you can certainly do so. Plan well by hiring party tent rentals Frederick.


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