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After the ceremony of the vows and rings, the reception is probably the most important thing to attend. This is why couples spend much on décor and tables and chairs rentals for wedding. Here are some breathtaking ideas for the décor at your wedding reception.

Giant Initials

Having bold light up letters at a wedding reception is a great idea. It not only adds to the décor but it also gives the guests an idea that they are going to the right person’s reception. There are so many designs and varieties of letters you can choose from.

From bold to italics, from cursive to straight, the options are endless. They are also a great photo prop to have for pictures whether you are taking pictures of the groom and bride or the guests. This is something which was trending a couple of years ago, but now it is more like a wedding must-have.

Dessert Table

Nothing is complete without sweets. Having a dessert bar or table will be a treat, not only for the eyes but also for the bellies. Have your catering service arrange a dessert and sweets bar for the guests. This is a great time passing activity and it will give the guests something to munch on, while the speeches and other festivities of the wedding reception are taking place.

You can have desserts of any choice, like mousse, macaroons, pies, cakes and even tarts. Have the flavors custom made too as it will add to the effect of the entire wedding and make it more personalized.

A Photo Wall

Another great and personal touch you can add to the reception décor is having an intimate photo wall, featuring photos of you and your to-be spouse at different occasions and times. This is a great way to walk down memory lane and people will get an idea about your history and how the two of you met.

You can also add small dates and time stamps to show where which photo was taken and why that day is special for you. There are a lot of ways you can decorate the photo wall, either you can have a pin board or you can hang them with clothespins.

Light Up The Trees

A great way to light up your reception, if the event is during the night, is to add fairy lights to the trees. This will add such a whimsical touch and it will look like something right out of a story book. The pictures of these trees will also look amazing and again, you can use this tree as a very cute photo prop. This will also look great against the guests’ tables and it will also act as a light source at the reception.

Get Creative With Utensils

Another great way to add some touches of personalization at your wedding reception is through the utensils. There are a lot of ways by which you can do this. Firstly, you can have the initials of your and your spouse’s names engraved on the utensils. You can also have personalized place cards and coasters, so that the guests will have a better idea where they will be seated. The plates and glasses can also be in a personalized color and design. These small things are what makes the wedding reception a bit more special and it will be a memorable touch.

Get A Little Rustic

If you want to add a woodsy and rustic note to your wedding then try to go for wooden décor and also incorporate some greens and leaves in the décor. You can have the table made very rustic and have the cake set atop.

You can also decorate the tables, chairs and other surrounding areas with woodland décor, wood and even leaves, instead of flowers. This will add a very rustic and cozy element to your entire reception. You can also incorporate the rustic touch in the utensils, coasters and cutlery of the wedding reception.


There you have it! Your guests will definitely turn heads every time they see these decorations at your reception venue. It’s all about playing with your creativity and going for what you like the most. You can also get more ideas from wedding party rentals Northern VA.


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