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Having long, sleek, bouncy hair is what dreams are made up of, though the access to these dreams is limited. Especially more so during those crucial days of motherhood where you just want to streamline almost every possible chore. There are unlimited fears regarding hair straightening treatments such as Brazilian keratin straightening for pregnant women. But are these myths true? If they are, then what are the alternatives available?

Is The Hair Straightening Treatment Safe For Pregnant Women?

Let us address this query first. The answer is NO! It is not safe for pregnant women. The reason is fairly simple.

Hair straightening treatments use keratin to smoothen hair. Though keratin is a protein and is itself safer to use as it absorbs in the pores of your hair and imparts that sleek look that is sealed with a hot iron. But its formulation consists of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen, notorious for causing cancer.

In normal circumstances, the formaldehyde is the cause of mild to severe side effects like nausea, itchiness, sore throat, runny nose, and watering eyes. Sometimes the conditions deteriorate as well if the room isn’t well ventilated or the client isn’t tolerable of such conditions.

What Effects Does The Straightening Treatment Have On The Fetus?

It’s a matter of common observation that whatever comes in contact with the mother, the fetus is directly affected by it. If such a strong chemical gets in contact with a pregnant woman, it will penetrate down the roots and make its way to the tiny baby inside the womb.

Due to these adverse reactions, stylists are banned from using formaldehyde based products on pregnant women in Canada and the EU.

So to keep things under control, it is advisable to stay away from all such treatments during pregnancy.

Avoid Hair Straightening Treatments And Dyes

Hair straightening and dyeing treatments should ideally be halted during the entire gestation period. If you still wish to get your hair colored, tell your stylist that the dye shouldn’t touch your scalp. He should apply the dye in such a way so as to curtail the contact with the skin. This procedure isn’t guaranteed for safety but the risk is minimized.

Course Of Action Regarding Hair Straightening Treatment During Pregnancy

As stated earlier, the best course of action is to be safe than sorry. Avoid all treatments till the baby is safely delivered. Take a break for your hair for another couple of months or so, and then you can ask your obstetrician or gynecologist regarding the future course of action.

How To Manage The Hair Then?

The best option is that you should steer clear away from all chemical-based treatments. Keep your hair clean and deep condition them after every shampoo.

To further nourish your hair and make it smooth and shiny, oil them regularly. Keep the oil overnight and when you wash them the following day you will be surprised at how manageable your hair becomes.

Professional Blowout

This is another way to keep your hair managed. You can go for a professional blowout from any salon and reap near to similar benefits with the keratin treatment lasting for months whereas professional blowouts will last for a few days.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

Remember this golden rule; natural is the best. Ace your hair the way it is and get creative in ways to style it. Though the sleek look is something we all adore and find it convenient too but at what cost? During your pregnancy, keep yourself nourished and you will see a notable difference in the health of your hair too. Healthy tresses look beautiful in every style.

Wait For Your First Trimester To Pass

If getting your hair permanently straightened is your thing, and inevitable, then wait for your first trimester to pass. That is when the fetus develops gradually, and any mishap can lead to unhappy circumstances. After the passage of that period, seek your doctor’s advice.

The final verdict is that pregnant women should abstain from all such chemical treatments for their fetus’s safety. They should wait long enough to safely deliver and breastfeed the baby. After that, they can visit their favorite hair straightening salon Rockville for an awesome hair treatment.


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