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Acrylic countertops may sound unusual, but this material is widely used for kitchen countertops. If you want an engineered material other than quartz kitchen countertops, use acrylic countertops. Here is everything you need to know about acrylic countertops.

Acrylic Countertops

Acrylic countertops are very similar in appearance to plastic, although it is made from man-made resin, which is then reinforced with adhesive, giving it the characteristic sheen and luster. It was introduced in the 1960s and from there, it has been a good choice for kitchen countertops and other things as well.

Acrylic has a particularly shiny and smooth surface, which makes it very attractive and the best part is that it is available in a lot of colors, as you only need to dye the resin in order to get a wide variety of patterns and colors.

It usually doesn’t need any type of varnish or sealing because it is already densely compacted and extremely shiny, so this makes it a less maintenance material. So, it is perfect for busy homeowners.

Things To Know About Acrylic Countertops

Here are some things you need to know about acrylic countertops if you are considering this material for your kitchen.

It Is Non-Porous

One of the greatest things about acrylic is that it is completely non-porous. It has no room for liquid or any type of moisture to seep in. This makes it extremely hygienic and great for use in the kitchen where you are dealing with all kinds of foods and moisture.

It is also a great material to put near the sink where there can be a lot of chances of water splashing about, but you can rest assured that acrylic will stay put and not be damaged at all.

Acrylic, being non-porous, is also stain-resistant. Because the moisture and liquid sit on the top of the surface in the form of a bead, there is no way for the surface to be stained, because the liquid can’t go anywhere. This quality is because of the structure of resin and the way it expands when it is heat treated and reinforced to make slabs. Resin is naturally water resistant as well, so it only adds to the number of qualities acrylic has.

It Is Expensive

Although acrylic might be similar to plastic in appearance, it doesn’t mean that it’s a cheap material. It is a highly expensive material and it is up there with natural stones, as far as pricing is concerned.

Acrylic countertops are expensive to install since it is a man-made material and it is quite durable. This might be a huge drawback for a lot of people because they just can’t seem to afford this material and if it is as expensive as a natural stone countertop, then people prefer the latter since it does add value to your home.

Not Resistant To Heat

One of the biggest drawbacks of acrylic countertops is that it is not resistant to heat. It doesn’t do well with hot pots and pans and you can immediately see its effects of it in the form of heat stains. These are black and dark blotches on the surface of acrylic countertops when you leave a hot pan on it for too long.

Heat might also melt the acrylic if the temperature is too high and it can ultimately damage and ruin the material for good. So, it’s better to use trivets or something as a barrier between the countertop and the heated pan.

Scratch Resistant Material

Resin is a durable material and acrylic countertops are known to be scratch resistant. Even if you do see a small hairline scratch on the surface, it can be easily removed by buffing the surface. Your countertop will be good as new.

It is truly a strong material and knives and sharp objects can be used directly on the surface of acrylic countertops without thinking too much about it. You will be surprised at how strong the material is. You will just have to see it for yourself.


There you have it! Acrylic countertops may not be as famous, but they are a good choice if you’re looking for something different. Get in touch with a quartz countertops dealer Rockville and find out about different types of kitchen countertop materials.


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