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A vehicle is an expensive asset. Considering that you carry valuable items almost everywhere you go it is even important to ensure maximum privacy and security. However, most people underestimate it until they experience someone breaking inside their car. At the same time, some people simply do not want prying eyes staring inside their vehicles. This means you will need to level up the privacy of your vehicle. The right method to do so is by installing car window tinting. Here is the list of things to do for ensuring your privacy inside your car.

Use Sunshades

Sunshades are one of the most popular options for ensuring privacy and protection from harmful UV rays as it is cheaper than tinting windows. They are usually made using mesh or tinted material that sits perfectly in the window blocking out all the prying eyes.

The best thing about sunshades is that you can remove them while driving at night. If you have window tints installed, you will struggle to observe the traffic in the surroundings along with the people. This could be a dangerous situation as you will be putting yourself as well as people on the road at risk.

Keep in mind that driving at night with sunshades installed can also be very dangerous. Sunshades block visibility entirely and can create confusion for the driver. Unless you are used to driving with sunshades, you should avoid driving it if it’s your first time.

Invest In Privacy Glass

You might have observed that many vehicle manufacturers offer tinted windows to their customers. You can also opt for the option of having the rear windows tinted from the factory. If that is not the case and you want a factory finish, you can invest in privacy glass.

Privacy glass happens to be the most expensive option when it comes to ensuring privacy but is worth it. However, depending on the state, you might have to acquire a permit. Privacy glass can be specifically made to meet the particular demands of a customer. For instance, you might prefer privacy over protection.

This will call for glass that is made to be a regular glass from the inside, but a visibility blocker from the outside. On the other hand, if you want protection, you will be offered a glass that can block UV rays from directly contacting your skin. Furthermore, privacy glass is not installed on the existing glass. So, you will have to replace the existing glass with the privacy glass.

Unfortunately, this is not something you should do on your own and hire the services of an expert. This ensures you do not break anything or damage the privacy glass while it is being replaced.

Install Window Tints

There is no doubt that window tints are the most popular choice for all the right reasons. Between the sunshades and privacy glass, window tints tend to offer the best of both worlds. Window tints are films installed over glass.

There are many shades of tint films. Tint’s VLT (Visible Light Transmission) percentages determine the darkness level of a tint. A 100% VLT means clear tint films and a 0% VLT means completely dark tints.

Depending on the state, you might require a permit or not be allowed to exceed a certain tint percentage. The best thing about window tints is that you can have protection and privacy at the same time. Although window tints come in different types, ceramic window tints tend to be the most popular.

This is because ceramic window tints are made using special materials enabling them to last for several years until needing replacement. Keep in mind that the lifespan of window tints depends on the installation technique. Ceramic window tints are expensive and will need to be replaced if installed by an amateur.

This is why you must opt for an expert who possesses the experience, skills, and tools to get the job done. Plus, having your work done by a professional will also ensure a guarantee. This way, if the tint happens to peel or bubbles were to form, the expert will have to fix it without any charges.

However, working with an amateur will completely be the opposite. In addition to spending time and money, you will find yourself spending additional money after a while just because you were tempted to opt for someone offering their services at a lower rate.

How Do You Install Window Tints?

Installing window tints is easier but takes time, skill, and patience. The first thing you need to do is wash the vehicle thoroughly and clean the windows to get rid of dirt and dust. Next, you will need to measure the dimensions and cut the films accordingly. Using a spray solution, apply some on the film as well as the window to allow for proper adjustment.

Once the film is properly laid on the glass, use a squeegee to remove the excess solution. Finally, allow the window tints to cure for a while making sure it is parked in an enclosed space. As it is for paint protection films Springfield, the curing process for window tints in the winter takes slightly longer than in the summer.

Keep Valuable Out of Sight

If you regularly travel on the motorways or have to carry valuable items as part of your routine, you should invest in some storage areas to keep the items away from prying eyes. The reason some vehicles get broken into is because thieves can easily glance inside the vehicle and break the windows.

Moreover, you should always park your vehicle where you can see it. Parking a vehicle out of sight can result in theft. Additionally, if you have window tints installed, you are going to have extra protection as the film does not shatter easily. This gives you enough time to react.

Install A Camera

Modern vehicles are loaded with security features including car cameras that offer the driver a 360 view of the vehicle. If your vehicle does not come with such features, you should invest in an aftermarket one. This will aid you in keeping an eye on your surroundings. Plus, the camera will record every movement around the vehicle ensuring the vehicle is protected and secure.

Opt For A Cover

Car covers are mostly used to protect the vehicle from dirt and dust. However, not many people are aware of the fact that they can also be used to ensure privacy if your vehicle is parked for a while. For instance, if you are going out of town, you can cover the vehicle so that it remains out of sight from people crossing by.

Then again, covering the vehicle also gives you enough time to react. This is because it takes time to remove the covers and potential thieves do not take much risk having to spend too much time accessing the vehicle.

Always Make Sure The Car Is Locked

When you enter your vehicle, you must always lock it. Believe it or not, most theft situations take place as soon as the driver sits inside the vehicle and forgets to lock the doors. In addition to that, once you step out of the vehicle, you should make sure the doors are locked, especially if you have an aftermarket security system installed.


The best way to ensure your privacy is by getting tints installed by a good auto tint shop Springfield. Plus, you should park your vehicle where you can keep an eye on it. And always park the vehicle in a busy parking space to reduce the risk of theft.


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