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A do-it-yourself divorce is a marriage dissolution process where the couple separated amicably and the division of all sorts of financial assets and properties is done without the involvement of courts or family lawyers. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Pros Of A DIY Divorce

It’s Inexpensive

When courts and lawyers are out of the equation, DIY divorce is actually a lot more inexpensive than most of the other divorce processes. It’s perfect for couples who can’t afford a lawyer and is willing to set the terms, custody of children, and division of assets by themselves. It can be a hard decision to make, but it does work out for most couples who are on good terms with each other.

It’s A Short Process

A do-it-yourself divorce is not only inexpensive; it is also a very quick process. Since there are no court dates and hearings, the time it takes to wrap up this divorce process is sufficiently small and you will get done in no time. It’s not as draining either, since the process is smooth, without any complicated documents and meetings.

Most of the time, traditional divorces can be more emotionally draining, since there is so much to deal with and you have to maintain your professional persona at all times. This is not the case with a DIY divorce.

It’s Simple

It’s also a very simple process. It doesn’t require very many documents and the documents which are required can be made easily by the district office when you go and apply for this kind of divorce. All you need is to go to court and apply for a do-it-yourself divorce.

The process is smooth and simple as it’s best, from there and you just need to follow a couple of routine steps in order to get the divorce finalized, and then you guys can set a date and time for the division of assets and the custody matters.

Cons Of A Do-It-Yourself Divorce

There May Be Risks

A DIY divorce is great if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are on good terms. Otherwise, it may be a risky process to go through, especially if there is malicious intent from the other side. There is a lot you need to think about and every decision you make will set the tone for the rest of your life, whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically. It’s better to avoid this divorce option if the separation is messy and there is volatility in the relationship with your partner.

Chances Of Miscommunication

With traditional divorces, you don’t need to worry about communicating things right, because your lawyer does all of the talking for you, once you present the case. With a do-it-yourself divorce, however, everything is up to you and you are the front liner in this whole process.

So, there might be chances where things are not communicated properly and there might be conflict because of this. This can make things worse for you, in the divorce proceedings and things can get even more complicated because of this simple fluke. This is why it’s not a good option to go for if you’re not willing to go through all of this responsibility.

You’re On Your Own

There is no one to guide you through this process in a DIY divorce. You are literally on your own and if you are not knowledgeable enough about things and how they go, then you will end up getting the short end of the stick by the time this divorce process ends.

So, if you are willing to go through a do-it-yourself divorce, then it’s best you know all of the possibilities and pros and cons of the decisions you are trying to make.


There you have it!  A DIY divorce is a great procedure to go through if both of you are on good terms and there is no ill will in the separation process. The pros and cons can weigh the fact of whether you want to consider this type of divorce or not. Hiring a lawyer can help you in many ways. If you want to save money, search for a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA.


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