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Kitchen islands can serve many purposes. They can turn into makeshift dining areas. They can be an extra working station and you can also put things on top of them. But what is the best material for your kitchen island? Granite and quartz countertops are popular, but are they popular for kitchen islands? Lets’ find out!


If you want to go all-out with the material selection for your kitchen island, then you can’t go wrong with granite. It’s strong, durable, and looks oh-so-lovely against the aesthetic of a lone-standing island. You can choose a thicker and darker colored slab for your kitchen island and that’s going to completely transform it for the better.

Granite is a wonderful choice, but be warned, it’s going to be a bit more on the expensive side of things, since you’re only installing it on the island, the price shouldn’t be too bad. It’s really a beautiful material with its mosaic design and alluring shimmery veining and it’s going to last you for years to come, so there’s little to no worry about repairing or replacing it.


If you want to go for a material that’s top-class in durability, then you can opt for quartz. It’s a wonderful man-made material and it’s available in many colors and designs.

The best thing about quartz is that you get the best of both worlds. You will get the strength and durability that’s unmatched, while also getting the beauty and appeal, all in one material. Quartz, especially lighter-colored slabs, will look beautiful against the dark foundation of the island and it’s going to give a beautiful contrast that’s not going to look harsh at all.

Quartz is also generally cheaper than granite, so if you want something that’s not going to cost a mini fortune, then this material is perfect for your kitchen island. And seemingly, it has everything and you won’t need any other material or replacement anytime soon, so that’s also a huge plus for quartz.


Marble is synonymous with nature’s work of art. Marble is one of the most opulent and beautiful-looking stones out there, and that is just mesmerizing. People go crazy over marble and that’s because it’s just so delicate and stunning. The light base color coupled with the random veining of different line weights is just wonderful and one glance at this material is enough for you to fall in love with it.

There is just something about marble that can look so amazing and the style of your kitchen island will also be elevated, in the best way possible. However, marble is not all rainbows and sunshine. It’s a very delicate and fragile material and it requires a lot of care and maintenance if you don’t want it to break or get damaged.

Butcher Block

If you want to give your island that rustic feel, the butcher block is the way to go. Butcher block and wood are the same, butcher block countertops are a bit thicker in comparison to wooden countertops and the overall look of butcher block is pretty rustic and warm.

Butcher block, just like any other wooden countertop, needs to be maintained regularly, since wood is not a friendly material, as far as water contact is concerned. You will need to seal it and oil it every so often to ensure that it stays in pristine condition for longer. Butcher block is also a bit more expensive than regular wooden countertops since the slab is a bit thicker and has a different feel to it than regular wooden countertops.

It’s safe to say that butcher block will add that characteristic warmth and cozy feeling to your kitchen if you incorporate it with the island. It’s going to make your space look a lot more inviting, and rustic, not to mention, beautiful.


Speaking of wood, if you don’t want to go for thicker slabs of wood, then you can certainly opt for normal hardwood as a countertop for your kitchen island. Wood is a beautiful material with its alluring golden hue and darker veining that just looks so breathtaking and out of this world. Wooden countertops, although they’re quite heavy on the maintenance side of things, are still quite stunning and people love them for multiple reasons.

Firstly, they’re a great investment and the money you spend will get back to you. Secondly, the beauty of wood is just unmatched and there is no stone in the world that can outshine wood.


Limestone is also a very subtle and beautiful material if you’re looking for a cross between marble and quartz kitchen tops Potomac. Limestone has the strength and durability of quartz, but it’s also beautiful, as far as looks are concerned and you will love the look of it on the kitchen island.

Another great thing about limestone is that it doesn’t need to be maintained as frequently as marble does, so it’s a great choice for those people who just want to set the material and forget about it.

Textured Tiles

If you want something textured and you don’t care so much about the longevity of the material, in general, then you can go for tiles that have amazing designs on them. Tiles are a very reasonable option if you want to change the look of your kitchen island, but don’t want to spend so much on a material.

Tiles are available in a myriad of colors, designs, and textures and you can find something that works for you and your kitchen. Tiles are a breeze to install, but they have many seams. You can install tiles without space to avoid seams.


If you’re looking for another budget-friendly option that’s not tile, then you can choose laminate as your island countertop material. Laminate is also a wonderful option if you want to mimic the style and design of any countertop material known to man, but you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

Laminate also lasts long and there is little to no maintenance involved, so it’s perfect for anyone. You can also get a huge variety of colors to choose from and you will find something fit for your kitchen and island.

Stainless Steel

Last but not least, and this is probably the strongest and most durable option to go for, stainless steel will leave you in awe. It’s a material that’s fit for a minimalist who doesn’t want to do much but still wants to make the kitchen island look like a statement.

Be warned though, stainless steel is quite expensive and it’s also the kind of material that’s going to leave fingerprints all over the surface, so if that’s something that bothers you a lot, then it is probably better if you don’t go for it. However, it’s a reliable material. Commercial kitchens are always equipped with stainless steel counters because they are extremely durable.


This list of materials is going to make the final decision so easy for you and you will select the best material for your kitchen island depending on your budget and needs. You can check out various designs of different materials by contacting a granite contractor Rockville.


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