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Wedding planning is a serious and big task that can be overwhelming for many couples. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and wants the best dresses, venue, and wedding tent rentals. This leads to stress during the planning process as managing everything is difficult. Follow the below to know the hardest parts of wedding planning so you tackle them carefully and take help from others if needed.

Keeping The Expenses Inside The Budget

Creating a budget for your wedding and after that, staying strictly within that budget is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. Many people who keep an eye on how much they are spending still end up overspending which affects them negatively later.

You can avoid going over the budget by carefully setting the budget and managing your expectations. For instance, if the budget doesn’t allow a grand wedding and the person still tries to do so, they will overspend and regret it later.

So, find a balance where you’re satisfied but you don’t go over the budget. To ensure this, set a budget as soon as possible after picking the wedding date. Sit down with your partner and include things that you both want. And if there is room, list down other things. Moreover, factor in the taxes, service charges, and tips in the budget as well. Lastly, the budget should have some space for emergencies.

Making The Guest List

You may want to invite all the people you know but it will shatter your budget into pieces. So, you must leave many people out of the guest list to include only the people you want to attend the wedding reception and also fit everything inside the set budget. This is a daunting job.

Some couples make the mistake to invite more people expecting that some people won’t come. They are proved wrong on the wedding day and the expenses go up. It can turn into an embarrassment as well if the venue doesn’t have room to accommodate a big number of guests.

If you want to be nice to people but the budget can’t handle it, then make batches of guest lists. The first batch should be the most important people. When they send RSVPs and some say no, then send the second batch keeping in mind the number of people who won’t be coming. After their RSVPs, send the third batch.

Predicting The Weather

The ideal weather for a wedding is dry but predicting it is difficult. Many times, the wedding date is set months before the day so there is no way to know what weather there would be on the set date.

You can take help from historical data and your experience (if the wedding is in the city/region where you live). For instance, if you know or the historical weather data shows that the weather is usually dry in a specific month, then you can set the wedding date for that month, but weather is unpredictable so you can never be sure that it would be dry.

Dealing With The Opinions Of People

Wedding planning is a long and complicated process. Moreover, a wedding is a big event so as soon as your family, relatives, and friends hear about you getting married, they will begin giving their opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do.

Advice from someone close and experienced is useful, but a big amount of random suggestions from many people is stressful and irritating. Moreover, some people may be wrong as well or what worked for them may not work for you. So, during the planning process, take advice from people you trust and don’t give any focus to the random pieces of advice from other people.

Finding Vendors

Since you want everything to be perfect and within your budget, you would be looking for excellent yet affordable vendors. Selecting wedding vendors is challenging so take your time, discuss this with people who got married recently, and choose the right vendors. Start with the venue because it should be booked early to prevent someone else from booking it first.


Wedding planning is stressful and exciting. Make sure to decide things calmly with your partner so you both agree and like the planning process. Moreover, interview different wedding party rentals Rockland NY of different vendors before deciding on one.


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