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Installing a paint protection film on a vehicle requires years of practice and hard work. Detailers spend quite a bit of time mastering their skills and even acquire certifications to be authorized for the job. If you thought that a paint protection film installation can be done at home on your own, then you were wrong. Let’s take a look at some top reasons why you shouldn’t consider it a do-it-yourself kind of a thing and let paint protection film installers do it.

Substandard PPFs

Paint protection films are not cheap. The reason is that manufacturers utilize a lot of resources to keep it defect-free. Even then, most films are not created evenly. There are some defects but mostly minor. If you are purchasing a paint protection film from an authorized dealer, you can be assured that the product is genuine, certified, and has passed through quality standards.

However, if you are buying from the internet at a discount, then it won’t be long until you find yourself crying over it. Such films are known to change colors over time. In other cases, the films will start to feel and cause even more problems. Eventually, you will come to a point where removing the film is the only solution, wasting your time, efforts, and money.

Cutting Problems

Cars that have edges and curves tend to give the car detailers a tough time as compared to normal cars. The reason being that the paint protection film on these cars start to peel from the edges and only professionals know how to install it the right way. There are two ways of installing PPF. One by using hand-cut films or using computer-generated films. However, computer-generated films are mostly reserved for professionals.

Therefore, those who plan on installing a paint protection film at their homes will use a razor to cut the film once it is laid on the paint. But if you were to accidentally slip, you might end up scratching the car’s paint instead of protecting it.

Dusty Or Bubbly Installs

Paint Protection Films are installed after performing a rigorous paint correction process. It needs to be made sure that the vehicle’s paint is free of any contaminants. If the process is ignored, the film will not last for long, it will start to peel. Depending on the type of vehicle, it can take anywhere between 2-3 days on average to correct the paint.

The next important factor is keeping the vehicle dust-free. The presence of dust on the body will not allow the film to adhere properly. Professional detailers ensure that their studios are clean to ensure that exposure to dust is at a minimum.

Improper Techniques

A PPF installation technique is not only about paint correction and keeping the vehicle dust-free. It is also about using the right techniques, products, and tools depending on the condition of the vehicle along with the type. Vehicles made from carbon fiber utilize different PPF installation techniques as compared to regular cars with paint.

Supercars that are mostly made of carbon fiber or other materials require sufficient time for curing as well. It could take up to a 1-2 weeks for the vehicle to properly cure. Curing means ensuring that the film adheres to the vehicle properly.

It’s Just A Lot Of Work

If you have ever come across a paint protection film being installed, you must have noticed the amount of precision and skills required. Professionals spend years detailing cars before they can install a paint protection film. Covering the edges properly and especially those areas that are hard to reach is a tough task. And this is exactly where things go wrong. Consistent quality is key here and you should only try if you think you have what it takes to cover each area properly.

Final Word

The process of installing a paint protection film is not easy as it seems. You need the right tools, products, and particularly a dust-free environment. Therefore, instead of wasting your time, money, and efforts, it is better that you pay a bit more and get it done from clear car protection film installers Springfield. It will also ensure the longevity of the film.


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