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Heat pump maintenance is not a difficult thing to do. You can do it at home if you don’t want to hire any professional for this purpose. It can take a little guidance and a bit of heat pump repair knowledge to do that. Therefore, you should give this blog a read and follow the steps needed for heat pump maintenance.

Check If The Air Is Regularly Supplied To The Heat Pump

This is one of the basic tips for the maintenance drive to follow. There are certain incidents in which you have to check for any obstructions in your heat pump. You should regularly check for any big mass of stone, vegetation, or any other garbage material stuck in the outdoor unit. If you find anything stuck, try to remove it mechanically with your hands or by using any simple tool.

Remove the outer case of the unit and replace the air filters step by step. The new air filters can do miracles for you. You should carefully change the air filters when needed, however, a regular monthly check is highly recommended for you. Replacing air filters can add more air supply to the heat pump, hence, increasing its efficiency.

The Heat Pump Should Be Kept Clean And Dry

This is one of the foremost things to do when you are going through the maintenance drive. The outdoor unit should be safe from weather damage. Rainfall, snowfall, dust storms, hailstorms, extreme weather conditions should not affect the performance of the heat pump.

You should ensure that the outdoor unit is not placed at the ground level. Installing it on the ground level might disturb its performance as rainwater can enter through its base. Therefore, you should install it above the ground and ensure that the extreme weather conditions do not affect the mechanical working of the heat pump.

Check The Fan And Other Parts Carefully

The mechanical parts of your heat pump should be regularly checked. You should, firstly, check if the fan is clean or not. Clean the fan blades with a soft cloth or sponge. You can also clean it using a water hose pipe. A little cleaning detergent can also be added for effective cleaning. Once the fan blades are clean, you should clean the coils as well.

The coils are easily cleaned by using a soft brush made of fibers. The blades should be oiled or greased for better rotation and smooth working. The fan blades should be painted as well if you find any rust over the surface of the fan blades.

Ensure Proper Electrical Connections

The electrical connections should always be checked. There are many wires and plugs in the outdoor unit. You should ensure that everything is intact and is working properly. The unplugged wires should be removed and replaced. Plugin the wires and check if the connections are right in place or not.  Loose connections can create problems for you therefore, make sure that every component is tightly made. Electrical and mechanical maintenance is very essential for a good heating and air conditioning system.

Inspect Every Part Carefully

You should inspect every part of the outdoor unit and you should ensure that everything is working properly or not. Just take out the user manual of the heat pump and make a checklist of all the components of the heating unit. You should mark every item in the list if it is working properly. You can also check the voltages of the heat pump with a voltage measuring device known as the multimeter.

The electrical components of your HVAC unit, as well as the mechanical parts, should be inspected very carefully. If you find anything not working properly, you can replace it with a new component and spare part. The user manual will help you a lot. Make sure that you haven’t lost it, if you have, you can directly visit your appliance maker for this purpose.

Call Your Appliance Support Center

You can contact the official channels of your heat pump manufacturer for support. If you want to fix it more quickly, use a heat pump repair service Tyson’s Corner. Finding a good company would be a bit time-consuming but once you do, you would only have to call them for scheduled maintenance.


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