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Pollen is a very common allergen and it can cause quite severe allergic reactions. If you are someone who gets allergic to pollen easily and wants some quick remedies to cure the reaction, then keep on reading. If the symptoms are severe, go to an allergy clinic immediately.

Avoid The Trigger

This is quite possibly the most effective yet straightforward tip, but you need to avoid the trigger if you don’t want your allergies to worsen even more than before. Pollen is generated in plants and flowers and it is very lightweight so it can easily be transmitted through air and water and it can go easily into your body through your eyes, nose, or even mouth.

Pollen is usually abundant during the spring and summer times, so it’s best to protect yourself even more during these months. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wear A Mask

If you have to go outside during spring, because you have some commitments or things which you may need to go out for, then it is crucial for you to wear a mask. This will not only protect your mouth and nose from pollen invasion but you will also be protected from the dust and other allergens which might be lurking around in the air.

Sometimes, a simple thing like wearing a mask can make a huge difference and it can really alleviate your allergies and reactions. So, the next time you go out, don’t forget to pack a face mask.

Good Hygiene

Allergy control is mostly about avoiding the triggers and maintaining good personal hygiene. Having a clean surrounding will keep allergens at bay and you won’t have to be greeted with intense allergic reactions spurts every single time. Make it a habit to always change your clothes and hop in the shower after you come back home from a long and windy day.

Pollen is microscopic and it can cling to your clothes, so you would want to give your clothes for washing immediately. You will see the difference in the severity of your allergic reactions in no time at all.

Clean Space

Tying in with the last tip, maintaining a good hygienic routine is not just about keeping yourself clean but also your space. You want to have a well-ventilated space with lots of windows. During windy days, you can close the windows so that no allergens can fly into your room. Try to avoid using carpets in your room as carpets can be a breeding ground for bacteria. You will be surprised at how much bacteria and germs a carpet can collect. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean and you will see the difference in no time.

Medication And Sprays

If you are allergic to pollen then you need to carry your allergy medication with you at all times. The symptoms of pollen allergy are usually a fit of coughs and sneezes along with dry and red eyes and sore throat. Your nose will also feel stuffy and dry. This is why you need to carry nasal sprays with you.

A nasal spray will help to open up your blocked airways and it will also hydrate your nose from the inside and you will have less difficulty in taking deep breaths through the nose. Your medication will be your savior in case of a huge allergy problem.

Try Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a fairly new treatment in the medical field related to allergies. These are targeted shots in which your immune system grows stronger and you are taken off allergy medication for good. You can try it for pollen allergies too. It is quite effective and it is a long-term treatment and it is effective too. You will need to talk to your doctor first and see if they can schedule an immunotherapy appointment for you. It is far better than taking medication on a daily basis.


There you have it! You can say goodbye to pollen allergies now. These tips are not only safe to do, but they can be easily done in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Lastly, find allergy doctor Manassas for proper treatment.


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