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Looking for a suitable choice of rug for the summer season? Well, you will be surprised to know that rugs are not just well-suited for the winter season, but also for the summers season. Now that winter is over and spring is here, you would want to consider buying rugs on sale that are perfect for the summer season. So, let us consider some of the options that might be suitable for summer.

Rugs for the summer season

There are a number of reasons why you would want to buy a rug. These are exceptional add-ons in your house that add a lot of life and vibrancy in the room. At the same time, summer rugs have a great light look. These typically involve lighter colors in order to make the room look colder.

As opposed to winter rugs, summer rugs often have brighter themes because that vibes more with the summer vibe.

They work the same as winter rugs do. They help the walls in your room connect with each other and breathes life into your room. So, they are definitely great for your room. However, what materials to look for in the summer season, is the main question.

Cotton rugs

Cotton is one of the most common summer rug materials. These rugs are extremely cheap in comparison to some of the more expensive counterparts such as a silk rug. The main reason for this is that cotton rugs are not expensive to make. Furthermore, cotton rugs are usually woven by machines rather by hand. This means that the cost of making these rugs is quite low. And hence, they are cheaper.

This means that you can buy multiple cotton rugs for the summer season and keep changing them in your room in order to shift the theme. This way, your room will never look boring and you will always have something new to show off.

Silk rugs

Silk rugs add a lot of softness in the room. They are particularly limited to bedrooms and in areas where the movement is less. While they look absolutely wonderful, silk rugs are not that versatile. They are not suited for high traffic areas because they can easily get torn or rugged due to high activity.

Since living rooms tend to have a high level of activity with children often playing around, silk rugs are better suited for the more reserved areas. So, make the choice accordingly.

And since silk rugs are not as cheap as cotton rugs, it simply means that you must be more careful with your purchase. These are not the type of rugs that you can just throw away after a while. They are meant to stay for the long-run.

Polyester rugs

Polyester rugs offer a great amount of durability. They are great to place in areas that have a high level of activity because they are quite strong. So even if your children play on these rugs a lot, they will not get rugged.

But remember that polyester rugs can take permanent stains. In that sense, you may want to be a little cautious with foods and colors when you are working/eating on the rug.


All the above-mentioned materials are just perfect for the summer season. When you go to a rug store to buy a rug in the summer season, look for these materials. Apart from silk, the other two materials are relatively cheaper.

When you search for the best silk rugs near me Vienna VA, make sure that you are choosing only the best stores. Since this is an actual investment, you must not settle for low quality products.


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