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Do you want to add a nice home addition to your house? A swimming pool could be the perfect option. But before reaching out to pool builders, you must understand some basic information and facts about swimming pools.

The first step would be choosing the type of swimming pool you want. After that, other factors that you must consider include the size of the swimming pool, its placement, and various other measurements.

Finally, you must set a timeline for the project. This is one of the home additions you cannot manage on your own. Rather, this job is perfectly suited only for the experts. So, you must hire the right pool contractor to get this job done for you.

Well, for most people, the most difficult decision is to choose the time of the building project. You may ask, when should I start building a swimming pool? Should I build it during the fall season? Or would the summer season be better? In this article, we will help you choose the right season.

Building a swimming pool

This article features everything that you should know regarding the best time to build pools in your house.


If you want to put in a swimming pool in your house and start in summer, then the project is likely to get completed somewhere around winter. This means that your swimming pool will not be ready for use until the next year.

So, building a swimming pool during the summer season is perhaps the least favorable option. However, if this is your only option due to other constraints, then just go for it. You can wait a year to use your swimming pool. The main point is to get one built in the first place.

Chances are that if your pool builders work fast, then you could have the pool ready before winter. This would, of course, depend on the type of pool and its measurements also. And also on the material. Concrete swimming pools can take longer. Also, larger projects take more time in comparison to smaller projects.

Fall Season

This is considered as the best time to build a swimming pool in your house because, during the fall season, the temperatures are not so extreme. Furthermore, the weather is also quite stable. This means that if you start a project during the fall season, the building costs will be less.

At the same time, the pool builders will likely complete the project just in time. But note that this time is quite busy for most pool contractors. So, it is likely that you will have to pay a higher price for the project.


This is the cheapest month for building a swimming pool. So, if you have a smaller budget, you can get some attractive deals in the winter. This is because the pool building companies are not that busy during this time.

However, the weather conditions during winter and extreme temperatures can delay the project. Ultimately, you may end up paying equal to or even higher than what you would pay if you built a swimming pool during fall or summer.

Furthermore, if you live in a snowy region, you cannot possibly get a pool built during winter. So, the choice of the best time depends on more than one factor.


We hope that you now understand the best time for you to build a swimming pool in your house. If you are ready, give the best pool contractors a call immediately! It will undoubtedly be a great addition to your property. LaGrass


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