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A crack in your fiberglass pool can be a scary thought. Although homeowners opt for fiberglass pools as they are relatively cheaper and easier to install when compared to concrete pools but they have their downsides as well. Therefore, if you were wondering what causes cracks in a fiberglass pool, if they are a good pool material, and do swimming pool builders recommend it, we have got you covered. Let’s discuss!

Are Fiberglass Pools Prone To Cracking?

First thing’s first, fiberglass pools are designed to be pretty strong and durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions but that does not mean cracks will not develop with time. It is quite rare that fiberglass pools develop cracks but that is mostly due to improper installation and negligence when it comes to maintenance.

Fiberglass pools that are well-looked after last for decades without any cracks or damage. So, if you come across a crack in your fiberglass pool, it is natural for you to panic as repairing it can be complicated. At the same time, when compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are relatively easier to repair as you do not need to bring down the entire cracked area of the pool.

This is why fiberglass pools are a popular option amongst households and you need to make sure that you opt for a professional installer. The way the fiberglass pool is installed will decide its overall lifespan. If the installation job was shoddy and done by an amateur, do not be surprised if cracks start to appear after a while.

However, if a fiberglass pool was installed by a professional, it will come down to your maintenance to help prevent cracks and damages. Therefore, the simplest way to avoid fiberglass pool cracks is to opt for a reputable and experienced pool supplier.

Causes Of Fiberglass Pool Cracks

Improper Installation

As mentioned previously, the most common reason for fiberglass pool cracks is improper installation. An inexperienced individual or team working on installing a fiberglass pool will hardly pay any attention to quality. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes and designs depending on the installation area. Therefore, it might be that the terrain is complicated to work with or the backyard requires additional work to install the pool properly.

This is where experience and skills come in. An experienced individual will first inspect the area and make suggestions accordingly. If fiberglass pools are installed on uneven surfaces, chances are that cracks will appear.

While fiberglass pools are a lot easier to install in many cases but the installation process is what defines the future of the pool. This is where it could either go all wrong or right. Therefore, missing out on important steps or rushing the job will surely lead to cracks.

In some cases, the cracks take several years to show, and by that time the installer could have moved on, leaving you with no other option but to hire another expert.

Improper Maintenance And Care

Once the fiberglass pool has been installed, it is up to the homeowner to make sure it is maintained and cleaned. A professional installer will suggest using the right chemicals that will protect the surface and coating of the fiberglass, which could otherwise lead to cracking upon using inappropriate chemicals.

Moreover, if you have kids that love spending time in the pool, you should ensure they do not play around with or use any items that might crack the fiberglass.

Spider Cracks And Osmosis

Some cracks such as spider cracks may look concerning but they do not affect the structure of the pool. These types of cracks develop when the pressure exceeds a point where the pool’s gel coat is flexed to its maximum. This occurs mostly when the pool is being transported.

On the other hand, osmosis occurs when contaminated water sneaks through the surface of the fiberglass pool, resulting in thousands of tiny air pockets. This is caused due to chemical imbalance eroding the protective layer of the pool’s surface. Therefore, it is important that you always use the right type and amount of chemicals for maintenance.

Final Word

In the end, fiberglass pools do crack but prevention is even easier. You simply need to opt for a reputed pool contractor Long Island for installation and then maintain the pool using the right materials.


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