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There is no denying that having a fireplace adds value to the home. In fact, some homeowners are willing to pay more for properties that already have a fireplace in place. Even though a fireplace contributes a lot to the warmth and coziness of your home during the winter season and keeps you safe by routing the toxic gases out the chimney, you need to make sure it is always in perfect working condition and perform chimney repair when needed. Let’s discuss what causes chimney damage and how you can prevent them.

Water & Excess Moisture

The first major factor that influences the life of a chimney is water and excess moisture. These are the worst enemies of your chimney. The reason is the brick and mortar are moisture absorbent, which means if they are not protected well, the structure of the chimney is bound to turn weak with time.

To prevent any structural damage due to water and moisture, homeowners are suggested to opt for waterproofing services as soon as possible. Keep in mind that waterproofing your chimney will require the help of a professional. Although homeowners tend to use store-bought sealers that do a pretty good job in keeping the water and moisture out but are not vapor-permeable. This means the water trapped inside will remain trapped.

Therefore, you are going to be better off by hiring a team of experts that carefully take out the trapped water and help the chimney block rain, snow, etc. And if your chimney already has some cracks or damage, the experts will repair them first before waterproofing the chimney.

Broken Down Components

A chimney comprises several different parts such as the crown, damper, flashing, etc. If any of these components are broken or faulty, the entire structure of the chimney will be affected. For instance, your chimney cap is installed over the top of your chimney, which keeps it protected against extreme weather conditions and living beings entering the chimney. If you don’t have one in place, you might experience expensive damages later.

Furthermore, a top-sealing damper has a huge impact on the health of your chimney as well. Throat dampers perform fine, but its seal can lead to air leaks. That said, a top-sealing option locks using a rubber gasket and your home will remain cool or warm and it will also work with your cap to keep debris out of the chimney.

And finally, there’s the flashing. Chimney flashing is designed to block the water from the point where the chimney and the roof meet as well as the crown. It helps route the water away from the sides of your masonry chimney. This means that all components of your chimney should be in perfect working condition so that you don’t have to spend thousands getting your chimney repaired or replaced in the future.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Since chimneys are exposed to the outdoor, extreme weather conditions can take a toll on their life. Extreme rain and snow along with earthquakes, fire, or tornados can wreak havoc. This is one of those things that you cannot avoid. If extreme weather has caused significant damage to your chimney, you will need to get it replaced.

How Can I Ensure Perfect Condition Of My Chimney?

The best way to ensure the perfect condition of your chimney is by opting for regular inspection and maintenance. Upon regular usage, chimneys get clogged with dirt, creosote, etc. which can lead to a fire breaking out. Therefore, the best way to prevent chimney fires and other serious incidents is to hire an expert who can look after your chimney.

Sometimes, the cracks or damages are so minor that you won’t be able to notice them. However, the expert using their specialized tools will thoroughly inspect the chimney and present a report on the health of the chimney. These minor cracks or damages can compromise the health of your chimney and will turn costly.

Final Word

Sometimes, chimney damages can be avoided while in other cases they cannot. However, it is important that you always look after your chimney and schedule regular inspections and maintenance from chimney contractors Bowie to keep things in perfect working condition for years to come.



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