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You’ve heard these things time and time again: “Straight hair is so attractive” or “Women love the look of straight hair”. But what exactly makes straight hair so attractive that most women want to get Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment by hairstylist? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Makes Hair Look Healthy

Nothing speaks attractive like healthy. Zero frizz directly means attractive hair. Straight hair is sleek and stylish and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s very attractive, based on these facts. Healthy hair will always look attractive and a lot of people believe that straight hair is the ultimate form of hair health.

No matter if you have naturally straight hair or have permanently straightened the mane, the look is to die for and it sets the standard for really amazing-looking hair. So, if you want your hair to be a combo of healthy and attractive, then straight hair is the way to go. You will get complimented everywhere you go.

It’s More Shiny

Straight hair has less texture, so there’s nothing that’s clashing with the shine it promotes. Healthy and shiny hair automatically looks more attractive. Think about it: All of these straight-haired models in magazines look great with straight and shiny hair. Why? Because it’s the epitome of attractiveness.

Shiny and sleek hair is a treat for the eyes and it’s no marketing gimmick. If you want your hair to look pleasing to the eye, then straightening it might just do the trick. People are always attracted to shiny things. This is a fact that can’t be argued and the same goes for hair.

It looks more luxurious and appealing, hence it is very attractive when someone has straight hair because it embodies the fact that someone has put in the time and effort to make the mane look gorgeous, even if that’s not the case in actuality. It’s the illusion that gets people going.

Easy To Manage

Attractive hair isn’t just about what looks good. Nothing screams “attraction” like comfort and ease of maintenance. Straight hair is unarguably the easiest hair type to handle. You don’t need any special tools, a lot of products, or other things to make your hair look front-cover-worthy. It can do that pretty much on its own.

With other hair types, managing is such a hassle and attraction can leave the equation pretty quickly. Straight hair isn’t like that and it will seriously make heads turn, with minimal maintenance. Just brush it out and you’ll be out of the door in 5 minutes max.

Men Love It

It’s a fact that men love anything that’s low maintenance and easy breezy. Well, this goes for straight hair too. More than 60% of men prefer women with straighter hair and that’s not to dictate how you should wear your hair in general, but it’s the psychology behind it that needs your attention.

Men think that straight hair is effortless and stylish, so you don’t need to put in a lot of work to make your hair look fabulous and that’s something really attractive because let’s be real; if you spend an hour styling your hair, then that’s not going to give you any sort of pleasure.

Easy To Style

As mentioned above, straight hair is not only easy to maintain, but it’s also a breeze to style. There is just something so cohesive about straight hair that you don’t need to do anything drastic and your mane will still look amazing as ever, and that is attractive.

The fact that you don’t need a lot of heat styling tools, setting products, etc., to get the hairstyle your heart desires is amazing. You can also do a plethora of hairstyles for straight hair because it’s pretty much a blank canvas for you.

It’s Classic

There are just some things that have been around forever. Red lipstick, those signature black dresses, jeans, and straight hair are just some of the things that never go out of trend, no matter what the hottest thing is at the moment. Straight hair is the definition of classic and it’s timeless.

No matter if you take a trip down the 1950s movies and magazines or if you look at the latest trends of the 21st century, straight hair is something that was and always will be in the spotlight. This fact also makes it super attractive. The Egyptian beauty icon Cleopatra also had straight hair and anything she sported was and is a style statement to this day.

Gives An Illusion Of Longer Hair

Long hair, believe it or not, is loved by everyone. Long hair embodies care and style in the best way possible and it’s really attractive. Something about the smooth and knot-free straight mane is so alluring that it ultimately becomes irresistible.

The straighter the hair is, the longer it will look, no matter if you have medium-length or already long hair. Straight hair gives a wonderful illusion of thicker and longer hair and it’s loved by women all over the world. And if you ever want to increase the length of your hair artificially, you can always do so by getting hair extensions in salon Potomac.

Less Frizz Equals More Attractive

No one likes messy hair and frizzy side pieces that stick out like you’ve been electrocuted. A very important fact that makes straight hair so attractive as compared to other hairstyles is the fact that there is no frizz and the surface is smooth and sleek.

Because there’s no frizz, straight hair ultimately looks well-kept and it’s a major reason why it’s so attractive. Curly hair can look very poofy and frizzy at times and you can see for yourself that it’s not “attractive”. Sleek hair pleases the eye like nothing else.

Hair Color Looks Better

Hair color is a great way to jazz up your hair, but on straight hair, the results look even better. Because there’s no texture as far as straight hair is concerned, there is not a lot that clashes with the potent hair dye.

Straight hair lets the hair dye bask in the spotlight and that’s ultimately super attractive. Hair colors and highlights also show up so much better on straight hair than on any other hair texture or type, that the results just look way better on sleek hair than on anything else.

Looks Professional

It’s said that if you want to ace the professional game and look like someone serious about getting down to business, then rocking straight hair will make you look the part. Straight hair is no-fuss, which is attractive in the professional world, because you can flip your hair and get down to crunching numbers without a care in the world, and that too, while looking fabulous.

Curly hair looks borderline messy, whereas straight hair reflects that you’ve put the effort in, even if you have not. The sleek look is always a winner in the professional world.


Straight hair is a classic hairstyle that’s here to stay for the long run. No wonder there are ways to chemically straighten your hair, because, well, people are die-hard fans of the look. There many methods of straightening hair. You can visit a Japanese hair straightening salon Potomac to choose the method that you like.


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