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When you open a dishwasher door, it opens slowly and smoothly. If your dishwasher door slams down immediately after opening, the cause of the problem is usually a faulty door spring or the link kit. This is an easy dishwasher repair and if you have a half hour, you can perform this repair yourself.

Remove The Screws That Connect To The Cabinet

Turn off the dishwasher and cut its power. There may be screws at the top of the dishwasher when you open its door. They connect the dishwasher to the cabinet. If you find any screws at the top of the dishwasher, remove them with a screwdriver.

Unscrew The Bottom Cover Plate

Try to move out the dishwasher a bit. If it doesn’t move, there may be screws holding it in place. Look for screws on the bottom cover plate that is located under the door. For removing the screws, you should slide it out and then use a wrench to loosen the platforms of each leg. This will reduce the height of the dishwasher and land it on the floor.

Slide The Dishwasher Out

You can pull the dishwasher out by grabbing it from both hands placed at the top and bottom of the dishwasher. Remove it completely so you can access the back of the machine.

If you think there is less space for pulling out the dishwasher, remove the power cord and turn off your main water supply.

Moreover, if you still feel something keeping the dishwasher in place, it may be the garbage disposal hose connected to the dishwasher. Look under the sink to find a hose connecting the dishwasher and garbage disposal and remove it.

Check The Link Kit And Springs

After sliding out the dishwasher, look for the link kit and spring at the bottom of both sides of the dishwasher. There are pulley rollers on which a string runs and connects to a metal spring. Look for any defects like a damaged pulley roller, damaged or disconnected string, or a non-functional spring.

When replacing the link kit, make sure to replace it on both sides of the dishwasher even when one of them is working fine.

Get A New link Kit Or Spring For Your Dishwasher

For buying a new link kit or spring, you should determine the model number of your appliance. Open the dishwasher door and find a sticker on the sides of the door for the model number. You can also use the manual to see the model number of the dishwasher.

If you can’t determine the model number, take photos of the dishwasher and the link kit and show them to the salesman.

Removing The Old Spring And Installing The New One

A dishwasher door spring is hooked to the dishwasher from one end while its other end is attached to the cord that goes to the pulleys. To unhook the spring, pull it in the opposite direction of the string and then unhook it.

Take the new spring and hook it to the cord first. Then keep it in its place and pull it to connect its other end to the dishwasher hook.

Slide The Dishwasher Back

After successfully installing a new spring, you can slide the dishwasher back into its place. If you removed the connections like the garbage disposal and water hose after sliding out the dishwasher, connect them before sliding it in or vice versa.

You will need to tighten the platforms at the bottom of each leg to increase the height of the dishwasher. To keep the dishwasher to the height it was before the repair, make sure to count the number of times you rotate the leg when loosening it.

Test The Door

Open the door and check if it’s opening smoothly. When you’re sure that the door is working, tighten the screws of the dishwasher that connect it to the cabinet. After this, restore power to the dishwasher.


A door spring is not an essential component of a dishwasher as the dishwasher will clean dishes whether it’s the spring is working correctly or not. However, a damaged or broken spring will cause the door to slam down when you open it. This can damage the door. Hire an appliance repair Alexandria service to fix this problem.


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