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Rugs are a great way to add a bit of coziness and character to your room. Here are some common and beautiful weaves and patterns of area oriental rugs you need to know about.

The Knotted Pattern

These rugs are incorporated with huge chunks, also known as knots, which are either weaved or wrapped over a central core. These rugs have a beautiful look to them and they look very aesthetically pleasing. These rugs are great if you want to add a distinct touch of definition to your room.

The rug is made with a chunky weave in the form of a knot and then it’s wrapped over the core to make it into a rug. This rug is available in circular and square shapes and the design also makes up for the strength of the rug. It is an extremely durable rug, which will last you for a long time.

The Geometrical Pattern

This one is pretty self-explanatory. This rug is made with alternating designs but the primary weave is the same. What it makes in the end, is an abstract design, which looks minimal and beautiful at the same time. Geometric rugs or abstract rugs are amazing because the pattern is sporadic and random and this is what makes them characteristic.

The material options are also quite endless with these rugs. You can get thick wool rugs, which are long-lasting and expensive or you can get rugs made out of synthetic fibers, which are low on the budget as well as on the maintenance.

The Braided Pattern

Another very texturally appealing pattern of rugs is the braided design. As the name suggests, this rug is made with weaves in a similar fashion to a braid. There might be three or more weaves in one chunk and then the weaves are alternated and wrapped over one another to form a braid.

After the individual braids are formed, the secondary weave is formed and this is what gives the rig its structure and strength in the end. This is also quite a beautiful and visually appealing rug.

The Hooked Pattern

This rug is the larger version of a crochet weave. These rugs are made from hooks that alternate and wrap individual strands of wool and then are tied at the end to secure the pattern in place. This is also quite a beautiful and rustic-looking rug, with a lot of character and it can be made on Persian rugs as well as oriental rugs.

The main problem with these rugs is that the weaves can get loose and the rug can get ruined if it’s moved around too much. This is why these rugs have shorter longevity, but they are a good option nonetheless.

The Hand-Tufted Rug

This rug is made on a machine or tool called the tufting gun. The pattern is made by piercing the canvas with individual strands of the material, which can be cotton, wool, silk, or even synthetic material.

The pattern is deceivingly similar to hand-knotted rugs and they are also quite strong and durable, which is perfect if you’re looking for high longevity. These rugs are also quite affordable, versatile with all types of interior décor, and easy to clean and maintain.

The Flat Weave Pattern

This rug is made and weaved on a loom and the design and weaving of this rug make it look thin yet beautiful. The weaving technique involves alternating the wefts of the length and width. Another great thing about this rug is that the design is on both sides of the rug, making it a reversible rug.

This is great because you can flip the rug if you’re not up for cleaning it and you have a new clean surface to work with. These rugs are mostly made out of wool and are a great way to spice up your kitchen and even bathrooms.


There you have it! These rug patterns and weaves are based on how the material is weaved or how the rug is made, in general. Now all you have to do is choose the one that speaks to your décor. And make sure you buy them from stores that are known for high-quality Persian rugs Virginia.


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