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If you are a fan of magic shows or want to be a magician yourself, then you will definitely need these props for your magic show. Keep on reading to find out what these magic props are.


Cups are very important props used in several magic tricks. They can be used in those balls hiding magic tricks and other things too. There is a lot of technique and the trick of the hand involved.

You can also have cups with a sticky inside to make sure that the ball or object hidden under it, can stick and you can have a successful magic trick. It really is a fun entry-level prop and you can use cups for multiple tricks as well.

Sponge Balls

These balls look like the real deal, except they are made out of spongy material and they are super lightweight, making them easy to conceal and manipulate when you’re doing magic tricks for your audience. Make sure that you have a good number of these handy because they are used in a lot of magic tricks and shows, like the vanishing ball, sorting out bats from the hat and making them disappear, etc.

Linked Rings

These rings are also great entry-level props for magic tricks. These are not really linked and can be removed by a hidden link divider, but the tricks are awesome and you can even do this magic trick on your audience or with an assistant.

There is a lot of optical illusion and hand technique involved in making this trick look flawless and to be successful before your audience, so make sure that you practice a lot, before giving your show.


A rope is another important thing every magician needs in their arsenal. Ropes can be used for a variety of things. It can be a great prop in magic tricks, or you can do the knotting trick or trick by splitting one rope into two or more pieces.

Again, there is a lot of practice that goes into making this trick work and look flawless, but if you nail it, then you will be a pro at it. You should also have plenty of small ropes handy with you too, in case you want to do a number of tricks.

Deck Of Cards

A deck of cards is like the identification of a magician. They are very useful and entertaining, especially for card tricks. One deck of cards is enough for you, but you want to make sure that you practice a lot with it since there is a lot of hand technique that goes into a flawless card-switching trick.

A deck of cards is your best friend if you want to give a good illusion or deceive your audience with simple hand movements.

Colorful Flash Paper

Flash paper looks like ordinary paper and there is a huge variety of colors available, but the main characteristic and the magic part of this paper is that it can light itself on fire with nothing but friction.

So, if you’re trying to do a magic trick by lighting a piece of paper on fire, then the flash paper will be your companion in this show. All you need to do is give it a good rub between your fingers and it will begin to spark and light itself on fire.


Bags are also great because they can be used for putting balls, small objects, and even rope in it and they are a great way to conceal things in plain sight. These bags are similar to duffle bags, having a handle too.


Last but not least, you will need coins. Coins are also a great beginner’s prop to use and you can do a lot of tricks with it, like making it disappear, changing its size, and whatnot. It’s a great entertaining prop for magic shows that will keep the audience hooked.


There you have it! With these things, you, now, officially know the tips and tricks which are necessary for a magic show, and with these props, your magic tricks will be flawless. Make sure you go to reliable magic stores Port Jefferson for getting these props to avoid problems with the supplies.


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