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Managing frizzy is difficult. This is why many people prefer hair straightening treatments like hair rebonding for transforming their curly hair into sleek and straight hair. You can go to a keratin treatment salon for getting straight hair, but you will want to know how hair rebonding works. Let’s dive in!

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that can straighten your hair semi-permanently. It changes your hair texture and makes it straight and smooth. The chemicals used in the treatment break down the hair’s natural bonds and create new bonds that make your hair frizz-free.

The Process Of Hair Rebonding

A hair rebonding treatment involves the use of chemicals and requires an expert to perform the treatment.

  • As with every hair treatment, the first step is to wash your hair. Your stylist will wash your hair and let it air dry so your hair’s natural texture is visible. The stylist examines the texture of your hair to determine the usage and amount of chemicals for the treatment.
  • After washing and examining the texture, your hair stylist will section your hair and coat your hair in a cream known as a relaxant.
  • The stylist leaves it for 30 minutes. In this period, the stylist will keep checking the hair so the relaxant doesn’t damage your hair.
  • After this, we move to hair steaming. A special steaming tool is used for this process. After the completion of hair steaming, your hair will be straight. However, you need to sit on the chair for some more steps.
  • In the next step, your stylist will wash your hair and blow dry it. This is required before carrying out the next step of applying keratin lotion.
  • A keratin lotion is used on your hair. It’s applied because it can help in making the new hair bonds permanent. After this, a neutralizer is used for the same purpose. These steps are done so your hair doesn’t transform into frizzy hair after the first wash and the straight appearance is kept for months.
  • Lastly, your hair is washed again and blow-dried into your desired style.

What Are The Results Of Hair Rebonding?

Usually, hair appears smooth and straight after rebonding. You will notice less frizz and the hair will become easier for you to style. However, the effect of hair rebonding may not be the same for everyone. Some people might notice their natural hair texture even after hair rebonding.

Moreover, hair rebonding is suggested for hair that is thin, bleached, color-treated or damaged because the treatment may damage the hair further.

Therefore, if you’re considering hair rebonding or any other chemical hair straightening treatment, consult a hairstylist who will examine your hair and advise you which treatment is better for you, if any.

Side Effects

Chemicals are used in hair rebonding for straightening your hair. Excessive use of these chemicals can lead to hair breakage, hair fall, and dryness.

Moreover, a chemical called formaldehyde is used which is linked to cancer. People who are exposed to this chemical often by getting hair rebonding or similar treatment every 8 weeks can develop any form of cancer.

Moreover, people who have reproductive cancer in their family should be cautious in using hair rebonding and other chemical treatments.

Keep in mind some hair rebonding products will show that they are formaldehyde-free but they might have an alternative that may cause the same harmful effects.

How Long Does Hair Rebonding Last?

There are permanent hair straightening treatments that change your hair permanently. They last until your hair grows out. Another type is semi-permanent hair treatments. These treatments also last for many weeks but not as long as a permanent treatment.

Hair rebonding is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment. Therefore, it can last for 6 to 12 months. However, the actual time depends on your hair texture, how correctly the treatment was applied by the stylist, and how you take care of your rebonded hair. It also depends on the rate of your hair growth because your new hair will grow with your original hair texture.


Hair rebonding treatment can remove frizz and make your hair smooth. Make sure to go to a Japanese hair straightening salon Potomac for getting the hair rebonding treatment.


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