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From the very start, having your child to be motivated to go to school and learn new things is very vital for your child’s personal and academic growth. If not motivated, even smart kids could underperform in school. Here are some ways you can motivate your child to do better in school.

Having Communication with Your Child

Having great and open conversations with your child will prompt the children to be more open and vulnerable with their problems, whether they are having a hard time in school understanding or not being excited about extracurricular activities. Make sure you have a healthy and understanding relationship with your child.

Ask your child frequently about the problems and obstacles they are facing in school, and how you can help the child combat these problems. Being hard on your child and not paying attention to your child’s needs, will only lead to neglect and bad results in the end.

So, make sure you are holding a soft tone with your child. If you ask about the problems, the child will reply, and then you both can work together on how to deal with this problem so that your child can do better in school.

Meet with The Teachers

Parent teachers conference is not held just for fun and time waste. This is where you can have a one-on-one counseling session with your child’s teacher. A person who knows your child’s behavior best in the classroom is none other than his/her teacher. This is the reason why you should constantly keep in touch with your child’s teacher, so they can give you an update on how your child is progressing in studies and other extracurriculars.

This tip also helps you as parents to be aware of your child’s routine and interest in school. You both can work together to put your child on the right track in terms of studies and school. The teacher will also have a good idea about your child’s grades and how they are affecting his/her academic performance.

Meeting with the teacher makes the problems more visible and then you can set some academic goals with your child, to help them progress in school and other out-of-school activities.

Work Hard, Play Hard

You need to discipline your child into doing his/her work if they are falling behind in school. This can be easily done by the “hard work bears sweet fruit” technique. You can negotiate with your child that if he/she gets all their work done in a certain amount of time or learns for an upcoming test, you will treat them to something they really want, whether it’s dessert after dinner or a movie break with the family. Setting goals and then rewarding children for doing proper work on time will help them to get even more motivated to do things. Once the child gets used to this goal setting and reward cycle, you can alleviate the strictness and let them set goals for themselves.

Help Where the Child Needs It

Children will not understand everything. They will need help in some subjects and things. This is where your cooperation is necessary. Ask your child where they have difficulty in certain subjects, and then, you can help them understand it better. If it is not possible for you, or if you don’t have the time, then you can invest in hiring a tutor for your child. The tutor can be temporary if your child adapts to the difficulty quickly and understands it.

Don’t Be Super Hard

Being hard on your child will not do any good. Instead of just focusing on grades, make sure your child also has a school-life balance. Make sure your child is maintaining friendships and healthy habits as well. At the end of the day, your child’s mental health should be your highest priority. Keeping a balance between school work and life is very vital for your child’s mental and physical health. A physically healthy body will lead to a healthy brain.

There you have it! These ways will surely get your child to be eager to learn more and perform better in school, whether it be in academic activities or extracurricular activities.


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