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Boom trucks are one of the most popular vehicles used in construction projects. Contractors and companies rent crane trucks because they are mobile, meaning that they can easily be driven to different locations and load and unload weights using their crane-like attachment. While these cranes offer several advantages, there are some safety tips to follow as well. Let’s begin!

Common Accident Causes


Overloading is the most common cause of crane accidents in the world. During training, crane operators are instructed not to lift loads without knowing their weight. Even then, the team on the ground sometimes voluntarily ignores the maximum weight limit, which leads to accidents.

According to the standards of the construction industry, each and every load should be weighed first and the number should be mentioned as well. This enables the operator to only lift loads possible by the machine. If the load happens to be more than the lifting capacity of the crane, it will simply collapse. As a result, the load might fall on someone on the ground leading to serious consequences.

Improper Maintenance

It is important that the boom trucks are properly maintained. Similar to regular vehicles, boom trucks need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are in top-notch condition. Periodic inspection allows the driver or operator to spot any cracks or damages before operating the vehicle.

Since boom trucks are designed to lift heavy weights, even a tiny crack can lead to serious damages. This is why boom truck operators before operating the vehicle should look around and inspect the vehicle for any potential repairs or replacement.

Wrong Positioning

Believe it or not but wrong positioning has led to serious accidents in the past. A professional operator knows the right angle and position to park the truck to lift the loads. If the truck is parked in the wrong position, the weight being loaded will add an excessive amount of stress. This might also cause the loads to swing leading to structural damage. Therefore, positioning the boom truck is equally important as ensuring proper maintenance.

Steep Terrain

The boom truck is only designed to operate on flat surfaces or terrains. If the truck is tested beyond its capabilities, it will simply tip over. This is why boom trucks should not be operated on steep terrains. It can only deviate slightly from its center of gravity. If the task at hand demands operating at a relatively difficult angle or terrain, you should opt for another type of crane or truck.

Boom Truck Safety Tips


Although boom trucks are comparatively easier to operate than other types of trucks and cranes, that does not mean training should be taken lightly. Even professionals can sometimes make the silliest of mistakes that put everyone’s life at risk. Furthermore, the training provided should be in accordance with the standards of the construction industry.

Site Inspection

The second most important factor is site inspection. A site inspection allows the operator to inspect the site for any obstructions before operating the vehicle. At the same time, the ground should also be checked to ensure the crane moves without any hindrance or obstacles in the way. Obstructions such as power lines can impede the vehicle’s functioning and lead to serious consequences down the road.

Ensure Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, lack of maintenance causes many components to fail. A boom truck consists of many components that require regular greasing and oiling etc. Due to regular wear and tear, these components need to be looked after to prevent vulnerability. Even though these vehicles tend to be rigid and tough but not if maintenance is ignored.

Risking lives by saving money on maintenance might force the authorities to confiscate your license. Not only that, you might undergo a legal case, which will create a lot of problems for the next couple of years.

Final Word

Boom trucks are highly versatile vehicles that require a certain type of skill to operate. Without proper training and experience, accidents and mishaps are bound to happen. Therefore, it is important that boom trucks are only allowed to operate once proper maintenance and site inspection is done. When selecting a boom truck rental DC service, make sure they follow the crane maintenance and safety guidelines to avoid any accidents.


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