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Commercial garbage disposals are heavy-duty machines that are designed to dispose of leftover food items. These are mainly used in the hospitality industry without any breaks. That said, it is common for garbage disposals to run into problems that require quick fixes. An easy way to do that is by resetting the disposal. Here are a few tips on how you can do it. If the problem persists, leave this to a commercial appliances repair technician.

Turn Off The Garbage Disposal And Remove The Power

The first method of resetting commercial garbage disposal is by switching the unit off and removing the power to ensure safety. Keep in mind that commercial garbage disposals utilize a sufficient amount of electricity to run. In addition to that, there are some components inside as well that could become damaged if you try to force the machine to reset amid an operation.

So, by turning off the unit, you also prevent putting your life at risk by avoiding getting electrocuted. Plus, you also reduce the chances of the garbage disposal running while you are fixing because this can cause serious injuries. Make sure you have disconnected power from the circuit breaker or at least removed the power cord of the appliance from the outlet.

You can verify it afterward by turning on the disposal and it will not respond. Now that you have disconnected the disposal from the main power source, wait a while for the unit to reset itself. It is better to consult the user manual to understand how long the unit needs to be disconnected.

Once a few minutes have passed, reconnect the power source and turn on the disposal to see if the issue is solved.

Locate The Reset Button

Modern commercial garbage disposals come with a built-in reset button that makes it a lot easier to reset the machine. There could be many reasons your commercial garbage disposal might stop working all of a sudden and turn off due to safety concerns. To turn it on, you have to reset it. Otherwise, it won’t turn on.

However, many people including restaurant staff members don’t know the location of the reset button of various restaurant equipment, which can be quite frustrating. Depending on the garbage disposal’s manufacturer and model, it might either be located under the unit or somewhere else. To find out where the reset button is location, read the user manual.

Once you have located the reset button, you will need to press it once or hold it for a few seconds. If you hear a “click” sound, it means the unit is reset. Try turning on the unit to see if it works. If the issue persists, you must go to an expert.

That’s because if pressing the reset button is not turning on the garbage disposal or the unit turns on but turns off again, another issue is triggering this. You need an expert who can determine the issue.

Why Is My Commercial Garbage Disposal Not Working?

As mentioned earlier, commercial garbage disposals may experience problems gradually or suddenly out of nowhere. Below are some common reasons of this issue along with instructions to fix them.

Jammed Flywheel

A commercial garbage disposal comprises several different parts that work together to break down leftover food items. If you look closely, you will see a grinding chamber that contains a blade along with a motor that helps it rotate. This is the most dangerous part of the machine and you wouldn’t want your hands anywhere near it.

If you turn on the garbage disposal and hear a humming sound without the blades moving, it means the motor is working but the flywheel has jammed. It is a common scenario caused by solid objects. To fix the issue, you will need to turn off the unit from the main power source and access the flywheel.

Another option is to use a tool that can access such areas and use a torch to find and remove objects causing issues. Once the objects have been removed, hit the reset button, turn the unit on, and use cold water to flush the blockage.


If you observe your sink is full of water or is draining slowly despite the disposal working perfectly fine, it means the problem is not with the unit but with the drain itself. It is important to address such issues because most people often confuse such issues with garbage disposal.

To clear the sink and unclog the garbage disposal, you can either use chemicals or access the drain line, if possible, to remove the blockage. Make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals especially the ones that contain acid as they can corrode metal in garbage disposals.

And, if you find it difficult or do not have the tools to access the drain, it is better to consult a professional.

Does Maintenance Help Avoid Problems?

Yes, maintenance goes a long way when it comes to avoiding problems. You have to understand that even though commercial garbage disposals are rigid machines, they will break down at some point. These problems could either be due to a malfunctioning component, clogs, or simply ignorance in terms of maintenance.

Commercial garbage disposals are also expensive. This means that if you regularly ignore maintenance, some components will have to bear excess stress and burden causing them to malfunction. That said, maintenance as compared is a lot cheaper and beneficial.

Professional inspection and maintenance is not only about cleaning but also looking out for early signs and symptoms that might eventually turn bigger with time. Furthermore, commercial garbage disposals are not meant to grind and break down extremely hard and large items like bones and other stuff.

This could damage the blades and cause frequent clogs. This is why it is important to scrape off food from the dishware.

Maintenance is required for every kitchen equipment. For example, if your use your ice cream freezer every day or it’s the main attraction of your business, clean it daily and have it maintained by an ice cream freezer repair Springfield service.

How Frequently Do I Need Maintenance?

The frequency of the maintenance depends on how much you use the garbage disposal. If the garbage disposal is being used in a busy place like a restaurant or hospital, it should be cleaned at the end of the day. You should train your employees to use proper appliance cleaning techniques and keep an eye out for unusual sounds or malfunctions that might be pointing toward something.

It is often that unusual sounds and noises are left ignored ultimately leading to expensive repairs and replacements. The best way to ensure your commercial garbage disposal receives maintenance on time is by either consulting the manufacturer or the manual.

Remember, some areas inside the commercial garbage disposal are dangerous and should only be accessed by a professional. Using your hands to reach such areas can cause permanent disabilities. This is why you should either use proper tools or hire a professional to handle such tasks.

It might come off as an expense but consider it an investment. The last thing you would want is for the garbage disposal to give up in the middle of a busy day and spread bad odor all over inside the restaurant.


Overheating, clogs, and other issues tend to be the main reason behind resetting commercial garbage disposal. To avoid such situations, make sure you offer proper maintenance, watch out for signs of trouble, and hire a commercial garbage disposal Fairfax expert for repairs and maintenance.


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