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As far as patio materials are concerned, you will be surprised to find out that all of the patios that we see comprise of one of six popular materials. By using a combination of these materials, you can add your personalized expression or individual look to your patios. On the most basic level, the material that you will choose will directly be affected by your personal preferences, patio location, size of outdoor space, and budget. Along with that, you will use only those materials that are available in your area. This are the things that you need to know before hiring patio builders for your project.

Most commonly used patio materials in the market

In this article, we put together a list of the most commonly used patio materials out there. By using this list, you will be able to figure out what might be suitable for you. So, consider it as a guide!


Just like granite is considered to be the king of countertops, concrete is considered to be the king of patios. So, when it comes to patio floors, it is hard to find anything that is more adaptable of even versatile in comparison to concrete. Concrete usage is basically a time-tested solution which uses a mixture of cement, gravel, water, and sand. Furthermore, concrete flooring offers a range of better options in comparison to bricks.

Now, there are a number of advantages of using concrete. Firstly, concrete can have finishes like smooth, brushed, scored, colored, or stamped. With that, they can also contain patterns or paints. With that, we can also use concrete with a wide range of other materials that include pebbles.


After concrete, bricks are undeniably the 2nd most popular choice among homeowners. However, it ultimately comes down to one’s personal preferences. For instance, some people may prefer the look of bricks over concrete.

At the same time, other people may prefer concrete over bricks primarily due to the aesthetics. As far as reliability is concerned, both of these options are great for an outdoor patio. Since bricks have a very neat and classic look, they suit a range of different architectural styles. In this regard, they are extremely versatile.

In comparison, concrete may only suit a number of different architectural styles. This means that it is not as versatile as bricks.


Just recently, flagstone has also become a popular choice among homeowners for front entries and outdoor patios. Flagstone comes in a range of different stones and colors, depending on the area or the quarry in which you are living.

Basically, flagstone features flat stabs that are 1 to 3 inches in thickness. These stones can be identified because of their irregular shape. This is the unique selling point of flagstone.

In comparison, bricks over a very neat look, that many people feel turned off by. In comparison to bricks, Flagstone has a very natural rocky and earthy look, which makes it extremely beautiful. But then again, this all comes down to one’s personal preferences and choices.

Ending note

There is a wide range of patio options out there. So, when you go to your local backyard patio builders Long Island, it is important to let them know what you are expecting. Then, the company may be able to help you out in choosing the right material for your patio. With that, you also have to consider your budget. Since, several materials are inevitably much more expensive in comparison to other materials. This means that many patio materials will be out of your range or budget. So, keep a strict check on that.


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