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Your commercial ice machine can have various issues over time. Some of the common issues with their solutions, maintenance tips and important things to know in this regard are given below. Let’s be a commercial ice maker repair expert.

Not Dispensing Ice or Water

This is the most common issue that people have reported when it comes to commercial ice machine not dispensing ice or water. In order to solve this issue, you have to make sure there is enough supply of water. Furthermore, check it by turning the water on. The feeler of the ice maker might also be blocked so it should also be checked and cleaned.

Not Making Ice At All

Another serious issue with the ice machine is when it does not make ice at all. You can resolve this problem by just checking if the power is on. Then you can check the thermostat to make sure it is at the right temperature. Experts also say that blockage is also a problem which leads to this issue. If none of the issues is solved, you can get help from a professional ice machine repair service.

Water Leaking Issues

Like many other issues, the ice machine can also have water leakage problem. When the ice machine is not on level, this occurs. Furthermore, any damage to the water pipe is also a cause of this problem. Filler cup should also be checked in the ice maker because sometimes it also leads to this problem. In case the issue remains the same, it will be better to call a repairing service.

Frozen Problem

Sometimes the water in the ice maker freezes before getting into the mold shape. The primary factor responsible for this issue is the thermostat setting which needs to be changed. You must change the temperature and set it to normal to see if the issue is solved. If the problem is not solved, you will need help of a professional service so that it is resolved.

Dispensing Smelly Cubes

Along with many other issues, this is probably the nastiest one that you can ever face with your ice machine. The ice cubes are smelly and it is surely unpleasant for everyone. There are a number of reasons. First, there can be any blockage or clog which is leading to smell. The other reason is the filter not being changed. It will be solved if you change the filter and remove clog.

Making Strange Noise

Ice machine noise issues are also one of the most reported problems in ice machines used for commercial purposes. It makes noise due to a number of reasons. First, the control unit has developed some sort of issue. Second, the compressor may be faulty leading to noise. Third, the water falling from the defrost heater is also the cause. Fixing these issues, you will be able to solve this problem.

Common Mistakes in Maintenance of Ice Machine

It should be noted that the ice machine can develop issues when it is not properly taken care of and maintained. You might be making some mistakes regarding the use and care of your ice machine. Some of the common mistakes are listed below that you should avoid for better ice machine performance of the ice machine.

  • Water filters are not changed on time leading to ice machine issues.
  • The water pressure is adjusted improperly.
  • Many people do not clean the ice machine condenser coil.
  • Using the ice machine in high ambient temperature.
  • Using a wrong type of refrigerant is also a mistake in maintenance.
Maintenance Tips for Ice Machine

Following maintenance tips will come in handy to take better care of your ice machine and maintain it for a long time.

  • You must clean the ice machine on a regular basis. Sanitizer should also be used while cleaning.
  • Water filters must be changed on time to prevent any issues.
  • Air filters also need attention just like other things or parts.
  • There can be some damages so you should check it regularly to prevent any bigger issues.
  • If you are using hard water, regular inspection becomes more important.

There are many issues of the ice maker which you can solve by troubleshooting them. For quick and proper repairs, hire ice dispenser repair Alexandria services.


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